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Are you struggling to find the best aftermarket wheels to complement the physical appearance of your car? Or are you interested in wheel modifications to boost driving performance? You are at the right place. We have gathered all the information to speed up your wheel selection process. We guarantee honest reviews.

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Wheels definitions


Balance in Motion. The balance of a tire and wheel while it is rotating. A condition in which a tire and wheel assembly has weight distributed equally on both sides of the wheel’s axis of rotation.


A numerical code associated with the maximum load a tire can carry at the speed indicated by its Speed Symbol under specified service conditions up to 130 mph. For speeds in excess of 130 mph, actual load on the tire shall be reduced in accordance with Tire and Rim Association guidelines.


The weight that a wheel is designed to support in normal service.


A light truck sizing system expressing the section width in millimeters, aspect ratio, type of construction, and rim diameter in inches (e.g.: LT235/85R16 120/116Q E).


The centering of a wheel by matching it up with the attachment points (i.e. studs), rather than by the center bore hole of the wheel.


A mounting procedure that matches the high point of a tire with the low point of its wheel. A dot or mark on the tire is matched with a dot, a sticker, or the valve hole on the wheel.

Feel good, be safe

Don’t just stand out, be safe. Most aftermarket wheels are customized to improve the outlook of your ride. Their unique designs and finishes leave you with a stylishly looking vehicle. Every design is optimized to guarantee performance. Beyond the elegance, it is great to be safe.

Before purchasing an aftermarket wheel, check if the wheels are of a similar diameter, have the appropriate offsets, back spaces and fit well on the mountings. The correct wheel offsets save you the hassle of modifying car bodies, suspensions and car mountings. These wheels are made from different alloys, using unique technologies. Always go for durable and resilient wheels that match your driving goals.

Wheel lug patterns

How many wheel lugs does your wheel have? When going for an aftermarket wheel, you should be aware of the number of bolts and their pattern. Any slight differences in lug patterns mean the wheels won’t fit.

Mind the tire

Upgrading your wheels comes with some enthusiasm. Imaginations vary; it is easy to overlook factors like tire sizes, offsets and modesty. Increasing the wheel size may demand the purchase of new tires. And by the way, these modifications affect speedometer readings.

All said we are here to help, not sell any aftermarket wheels. No matter what choice you settle on, keep in mind that you must be safe on the road. New modifications should not reduce steering and handling capabilities. No driver wishes to overstretch their already tight budgets, so consider something classy but durable.